Wire management. Easy. Simple. Zip.

The easiest, fastest, simplest and most flexible cable management solution. Period.

  • ZipZ can enclose any cable, anywhere, in no time.
  • ZipZ can be zipped together to accomadate more cables.
  • ZipZ can be joint together to make any length.
  • ZipZ can run along a desk.
  • ZipZ can run along a wall.
  • ZipZ can run from top to buttom.
  • ZipZ can go from one thick to many thin. 
  • ...or from many thin to one thick.
  • ZipZ installs in seconds.
  • ...and requires no tool.
  • ZipZ can be wiped and washed.
  • ZipZ is easy.  ZipZ is simple.  ZipZ is Zip.

Colors: Gray and black.  Custom color and logo available.


Diameter: Approximately 3 cm (1.25 inches). 

Multiple ZipZ can be joined together to create a larger diameter.


Lengths: 60 cm and 120 cm (24 inches and 48 inches).  Multiple ZipZ can be joined together to create any length.


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